Complaints Policy & Procedure 

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Complaints Policy & Procedure 

At Oak Farm Firewood we are committed to supplying quality firewood.

In the unlikely event of a customer not being entirely happy with their purchase, complaints must be registered to Oak Farm Firewood (by phone or email) within 48 hours of the delivery of logs. On receipt of your call/email, we will endeavour to resolve the problem through refund/collection or replacement of goods.

Remember, we will never supply firewood with a moisture content above 20%, therefore, please ensure you are attempting to light your fire (ideally) on a small amount of ash, with newspaper, dry kindling and sufficient air flow.

Moisture Testing Procedure

At Oak Farm Firewood, our product is continually checked for quality and moisture content from start to finish.

Our cordwood is processed (cut to optimum sized logs) on site and stored in vented bags in a well ventilated barn.

We continually check the moisture content of the logs (with handheld pin moisture meters) throughout the drying season until the moisture content reads 20% or below. Only then is the firewood ready to be sold to our customers.

We also regularly “spot check” logs within the centre of the vented bags to ensure they are drying out evenly. 

Hours of Operation

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